CEFCM: A maritime training centre dedicated to sea professionals

The European Maritime Training Centre (CEFCM), born on the desire of the French State, the territorial authorities of Brittany and professionals has the main purpose to organize and promote activities corresponding to the maritime industry needs.


                 Training, job, employment


Trainers are mostly seamen. They know the reality of the sea trade/business. Courses ensure a professional future and provide access to employment.


                A single phone number: (00 33) 2 98 97 04 37


For a quick and effective contact, the CEFCM provides a unique phone number leading to a coherent answer to the needs of professionals.

It implements training actions with the evolution of their business and with the legislation in force.

It gives advice to appropriate courses of each project.


                 A wide range of actions


To fulfil its missions, the CEFCM develops diverse actions.

It prepares certificates in relation with skills required on ships.

It helps seamen to validate experience thanks to specialized deck and engine trainers.

It works with companies wishing to increase their employees’ skills.


                 A resource centre


It organizes short courses on topics for which a special expertise is needed.

It makes documents available on its website about maritime topics.

It provides discussions and seminars.


A maritime training centre transmitting maritime values




CEFCM trainers daily respect the values of the marine community and reflect a tradition: sense of responsibility, decision-making and mutual support, perseverance…

The centre is a place of exchange between sea professionals.


                 Priority to active pedagogy/education


The CEFCM has three ambitions:

_Providing quality training in relation with programmes published by the State, using as often as possible a practical and professional education.

Trainers use bridge simulators, engine simulators, technical workshops and multimedia.


_ Promoting and encouraging the adaptability of seamen.

With their experience on board, trainers give tricks and subtleties of the trade and prepare trainees to use their specific abilities to quickly deal with complex situations.


_ Educating and motivating trainees to ensure their success.

Seamen receive support in solidarity with their trainers and other trainees. A real crew is made enriched by this sharing of experience.


A wide range of training courses


 Merchant courses

From Able seaman to Captain/Master

From Engineer (250 KW) to Chief engineer (3000KW)


Fishing courses

From Deckhand to Master/Captain


Sailing courses



Safety courses

Fire fighting certificate

Refresher courses…


GMDSS radio communications

Restricted Operator certificate

General Operator Certificate

“Refresher “courses








Medical courses


Additional courses


Safety on passenger ships…


Sea jobs





  A presence throughout Brittany


 3 regional sites


_CEFCM Concarneau:  Deck training

The main seat of maritime vocational training in Brittany.

The centre provides deck training, short or long term: merchant, fishing and sailing training.

Meanwhile, specific courses such as GMDSS or medical courses…are open to all sectors.


_CEFCM Lorient: Engine training 

Its engine simulator is unique in Brittany (3200 and 17400 KW).

It is also equipped with a navigation simulator.


_CEFCM - QSE Department, Concarneau: Safety training

Through a hard training and exercises in real situations, trainers teach rigorous procedures to use in a crisis situation.

They show trainees how to have quick and good reflexes in the fight againt fire or survival at sea.


 On requests, some training courses are also provided in each of the four maritime vocational secondary schools: