University of Western Brittany (UBO)

UBO missions


The University of Western Brittany (UBO) is a multidisciplinary, public institution of a scientific, cultural and vocational nature.

It supports research development and participates in raising the level of scientific, cultural and professional achievement of France and its citizens. It also promotes regional and national growth, economic development and the implementation of an employment policy, whilst continuously striving to reduce social and cultural inequalities.


20,000 students (basic training)
7,200 lifelong learning students
1,800 language certifications
20 start-ups (assistance and support)
200 research contracts

Fields of activity

Basic training and lifelong learning

Scientific and technical research and exploitation of the results

Career guidance and insertion into the workplace

Dissemination of culture and scientific and technical information

Participation in the construction of a European space for higher education and research

International cooperation


UBO has more than 150 partners worldwide, including CNRS (the National Centre for Scientific Research), Ifremer (the French Research Institute for Exploration of the Sea), Inserm (the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research) and IRD [the Research Institute for Development].




6 Training and Research Units (Faculties)

7 University Institutes
2 Engineering Schools
1 Midwifery School
5 Doctoral Schools
45 Research Laboratories


2,400 staff including 660 academics and 270 staff from research institutions


A budget of €60m (operating and investment costs)



1959: Creation of the University Scientific Centre
- the very beginnings of the UBO
1969: Official creation of the UBO
1973: Creation of the University Service of Lifelong Learning (SUFC)
2004: Launch of the Digital Workspace
2007: Creation of the “European University of Brittany”, of which the UBO is a member